When Lynn LaBorde Eastman was 11 years old, her mother gave her a copy of The Sleeping Prophet, a chronicle of the life of Edgar Cayce. The most documented 20th century psychic, Cayce could go into a trance and retrieve information from the Akashic Records, including stories of a person's past lives, as well as methodologies for healing physical, emotional, and mental ailments or afflictions. Cayce described his work as offering "helpfulness and hopefulness" to the souls who sought his skills. Appealing to Lynn's own natural intuitive abilities, Cayce's style of practice was somehow very familiar to her, sparking her innate spiritual curiosity and launching her own psychic journey to discover what lies beyond physical reality.

In the 1970s and 80s, in addition to the Sleeping Prophet, the only other metaphysical books that Lynn could find were Chariots of the Gods by Erich von Daniken, Out on a Limb and Don’t Fall Off the Mountain by Shirley MacLaine, and the Seth Material by Jane Roberts, which Lynn devoured. Hungry to increase her understanding of physical self-mastery, Lynn began a meditation practice. She learned to breathe in to the count of 10, hold for a count of 3 and then exhale for a count of 10, developing remarkable lung capacity, which was particularly helpful during her 400 hours of yoga teacher training in 2005 and 2011. To this day, Lynn maintains that nothing heals the body more quickly and deeply than yoga.

At 18, Lynn participated in the est training, where she was introduced to the concept that the world she lived in was an illusion, a learning experience that strengthened her desire to understand the multidimensional aspects of her own existence. In 1980, through est, Lynn met her first life mentor, Harold Croucher, who told her that she was so much more than her physical reality, thereby initiating Lynn’s quest to understand the metaphysics involved in spiritual healing.

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personal healing

Through her lifetime of training in various healing modalities and her familial psychic lineage, Lynn is able to intuit the root causes of your life obstacles and remove them, helping to pave the way for you to begin creating a new life that you love.


teacher training

Looking to become a healer? Let Lynn teach and train you in one of the many healing techniques she has learned over the last 47 years. Everyone is capable of learning these healing techniques and encouraged to develop your own abilities. All levels of healers are welcome, from beginners to experts.


1-on-1 mentoring

In the course of this mentoring you will apply 6 psychic healing tools that will allow you to enhance your spiritual ascension work. These 6 psychic healing tools will not only increase your intuitive gifts, but you will also see remarkable expansion in every aspect of your personal and professional life.



meditations and channeling


Giving someone your presence and attention is like giving them the gift of love. This is the foundation and beginning of healing.

- Lynn LaBorde

what people are saying

"I met Lynn in February 2020 and  she has been instrumental in my ascension process. With ease and grace, along with a killer sense of humor, she took me by the (spiritual) hand and catapulted me to places I never dreamed possible.

At one point in our work together I was struggling with deep seated self-doubt, which could have stopped me in my tracks. Lynn spent a few hours with me, explaining in simple terms, all I needed to know to overcome a lifetime of self-limiting thought patterns.  Within a very short time, she turned my insecurity into a force of self-love that is growing stronger every day.  As a result, I am honored to have the ability to read the Akashic records with clarity and confidence; my heart is more expansive; and my life is more exciting that ever.

She makes it easy to be a lightworker! “Babe, life doesn’t have to be hard, being a lightworker doesn’t have to be hard.”  When spoken by Lynn, it opens doors and creates miracles.  Miracles of connection to Self, connection to others, seeing ourselves as a reflection of all we surround ourselves with. Miracles of knowing we’re surrounded by angels, archangels, Jesus, Mary Magdelene, the Blessed Mother, Hathor…the list goes on and on.  Don’t be put off by Lynn’s connections with the highest beings on the other side! She makes it informal, fun, funny, and so loving.  Don’t hesitate—jump in!"

—  Julie S.


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