level 1 spiritual consultant


Becoming a Level One Spiritual Consultant has helped Lynn learn the power of presence and how to help others bring forth their own presence. 

level 2 spiritual consultant


Becoming a Level Two Spiritual Consultant taught Lynn the process that she drew inspiration from when developing the technique she calls Psychic Surgery. 

level 3 spiritual consultant


Becoming a Level Three Spiritual Consultant helped Lynn build the foundation for her past life healing techniques. 

ministerial license


Lynn became ordained as a licensed minister in 1990 during her training with Power Leadership so she could offer ministerial services to her clientele for their spiritual protection. 

level 1 spiritual consultant


Lynn's second training as a Level One Spiritual Consultant has helped Lynn master the art of maintaining present awareness through all circumstances and has also helped her develop the capacity to teach the same to others.   

level 2 spiritual consultant


Lynn's second training as a Level Two Spiritual Consultant taught Lynn one of her favorite principles - love is a function of communication. This training empowered Lynn to find her voice and recognize the power of communication and telling the truth.  

level 3 spiritual consultant


Lynn's second training as a Level Three Spiritual Consultant helped Lynn master past life healing techniques to help people remove blockages in their current lifetimes that originated in previous incarnations. 

attention recovery consultant levels 1-3


Lynn’s certification in Attention Recovery Levels 1, 2 & 3 with Power Leadership recognized her mastery in using over 100 different psychic healing techniques which she learned in over 2000 hours of study with this organization.

reiki level 1


Lynn received her Reiki Level One certificate in February of 1996 which gives her the ability to give healing treatment to herself and others through touch.

reiki level 2


Lynn received her Reiki Level Two training and certificate shortly after receiving her Level One training. Reiki Level Two gives Lynn the ability to send Reiki healing through time and space, also known as distance healing, which is particularly helpful with the current social distancing measures throughout the world. 

holodinamics phase III


This Teacher certificate is from the Russian World University of Holodynamics. It was here that Lynn begin her studies into the incredible field of Holodynamics learning over 20 different psychic healing techniques. 

holodynamic facilitator


As a Holodynamics Facilitator, Lynn gained the ability to use a technique called a Relive which is a form of past life healing at its core. 

holodynamic consultant


Being trained in Holodynamics taught Lynn a technique called Tracking which helped her to create the popular healing modality she frequently uses today called Psychic Surgery.  

holodynamics teacher


This certification gave Lynn the tools and techniques to teach and train other future Holodynamics facilitators.

yoga teacher training


This was Lynn's first yoga teacher training with Yoga Tree in San Francisco. It was a 200 hour yoga teacher training which took 6 months to complete. 

yoga teacher training


This was Lynn's second 200 hour yoga teacher training, so she could deepen her Yoga practice and her teaching ability. Lynn earned this certificate in 2011 over the course of 3 months at Black Dog Yoga in Los Angeles. 

self mastery training


Lynn has led a life dedicated to self mastery, including becoming certified in a self mastery course. In Lynn's words, "it really helped me lead deeper meditations for others." 

reiki master


Receiving her Reiki Master certification gave Lynn the final Reiki attunement. This allows her to teach others the art of Reiki healing, and attune them to the frequency of Reiki healing energy. 

raindrop technique


The Raindrop Technique helped Lynn develop a deeper relationship with the healing properties of essential oils. This specific technique is used with Young Living Oils that get applied to Acupuncture and Acupressure points across the body to open up the body's meridians or energy paths.

order of melchizedek


The Melchizedek ordination made Lynn a licensed minister in the order of Melchizedek. This is the same order in which Jesus was ordained. 

akashic records


Learning to read the Akashic Records has been one of Lynn's favorite trainings. This 3-month course taught Lynn how to access the Akashic Records, also known as the Hall of Amenti, which are a storehouse of all information, past, present and future, for every soul.

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